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2009-08-19 20:50:37 by whoiscarl



I'm starting my cartoon

2009-07-31 23:33:18 by whoiscarl

Today I started to make my cartoon. To my surprise, my older brother actually agreed to help animate (you can see his animations on his page , so I might actually be able to do this. So far we have only gotten done the theme song and some concept art, but this has only been the first day we've been working on it. I hope to have the first episode done in a week or two, but I'm not going to start posting them until I have a few episodes made, because if I'm ahead, I can guarantee that I'll be able to post them on a regular basis (most likely one every two weeks). Also my brother made the theme song, not me. He may or may not put it on the audio portal. If you listen to it, know that hey says "fudgein'", not... something else that sounds somewhat similar.

Apparently, I'm a horrible voice actor.

2009-07-19 18:27:04 by whoiscarl

I started recording the voices for my animated series, when I realized how horrible I am at doing voices. If anyone wants to do a voice, I'd be glad to have your help.

Uh pitur uf mee

2009-06-26 22:06:27 by whoiscarl

:) It lux joost lick mee!

Uh pitur uf mee

People don't like my audio submissions. ( :>( )--<--<

Title of My Upcoming

2009-03-02 06:29:00 by whoiscarl

The title will be Living With a Fudge Head .

Title of My Upcoming